Song Study Readings


Giving and getting feedback.pdf (and watch the video below)

Monologuing the Lyric.pdf

I Dreamed a Dream analysis.pdf

Sheri's Six Special Rules of Rock.pdf

Music Analysis to be added

NEW: How To Act a Rock Song.pdf

Respond to this performance by Charmain Carr in the TV broadcast of Evening Primrose. The performance isn’t great. Your task is to say why it isn’t great. Refer to the Frequent Mistakes Made by Musical Theatre Singers for reference. The sheet music can be found here. I Remember.pdf

Standard Uptempo song

True Uptempo standards have a feel of 2 and are not swung. The tempo is bright, at least a metronome marking of 120(the tempo of Stars and Stripes Forever) or greater. Charm songs exist in the ground between up-tempos and Ballads and usually swing at a moderate tempo.

Classic examples:

Uptempo - I Got Rhythm

Charm Song - Singing' in the Rain

Ballad - Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Things to look for:

1. The music should make you want to dance. If you want to do a Jazz Square while singing it, that's a good sign.

2. It was probably written for either a Broadway show or movie.

3. It should be actable. These songs are not complex lyrically or contain deep thoughts, but it should be something that you can create a situation for.   


Standard uptempo composers. Your song must be from before 1950. 


Al Dubin 

Nacio Herb Brown

Walter Donaldson 

Vernon Duke

Duke Ellington

Sammy fain


Irving Berlin

Ray Henderson

Herman Hupfeld 

Isham Jones 

Jerome Kern

Jimmy McHugh 

Cole Porter

Rodgers and Hart

Gus Kahn 

Schwartz and Dietz 

Jimmy Van Heusen

Harry Warren 

Richard Whiting

Vincent Youmans

Victor Young 

The Wikipedia articles below are good reference points but not everything listed on the website is a good choice.

Pop/Rock Ballads

Rock energy and melodic about love or love lost. Must have rhythmic drive. The drums should be playing most of the time.

This page lists of lot of songs for men. Please don't do something cheesy. "Open Arms", I'm talking about you.

For woman, look at these artists.

 Heart. Shenna Easton. Laura Branigan.  Mariah. Whitney. Anita baker. Cindy Lauper. Lisa Stansfield. Tiffany. 

Richard Marks. Air Supply

Here are my two favorite examples. You can't do either of these though.


For the class discussion and finalization of Post-millennium, please watch this video and be prepared to discuss this question: “What is the Post-millennium style?”